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Last minute crash space

My name is Miyah Sundermeyer and I know this is at the last minute but  I was wondering if anyone had space for one more.

Anyway,  I will be working directly with the media and will need a place to rest my head mainly Friday through Monday since I will be covering the convention.

I don't have much money but I would be willing to contribute drinks for the convention in exchange for your room.

Please e-mail me at msundermeyer1@student.gsu.edu


Sleeping in a tent as an option

My name is Summer and as Dragoncon approaches, I am seeking different options to help save money even though I will be crashing at con.

I am seriously considering just purchasing a tent and sleeping bag and just camping somewhere with others who want to do the same thing.   Does anyone else do the same thing when they attend the convention?

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I am going to FWA in March and I live in the Atlanta area.  However, I do not drive and rely on Marta and get to and from places.  So, I am looking for a room share in exchange for food as a contribution to a place to sleep for the weekend.  
  • Female roommates
  • Non drinking
  • Non smoking
At the same time, I love to party at FWA as I love this con.  However, I need a place to sleep because last year I ended up not having a place a stay and attempted sleeping in the lobby all night.
My name is Summer and I currently volunteer on the Tolkien Track at Dragon Con and I was hoping to find a crash space in someone's room in one of the four hotels.

I am a woman seeking a room with quiet non smoking roommates who are also women.

Please e-mail me at msundermeyer1@student.gsu.edu